Justice v. Fairness

The question of justice has long been debated.  Its subjectivity sparks heated arguments for rigid, philosophical constructionists and social egalitarians alike.  After reading a post by Caleb Crain, with The New Yorker, entitled “The Case Against Democracy,” I started to question the morality of fairness.  The premise behind the author’s provocative title is the dangerous … Continue reading Justice v. Fairness

Why You Should Listen to Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell is a wonderful story-teller.  He is able to communicate ideas beautifully and articulately.  He is able to simplify the most complex topics and present them from a different perspective for listeners. At first, as told in my elementary school classes, I though revisionist history, in general, was the revising of history.  However, Gladwell offers … Continue reading Why You Should Listen to Revisionist History

The Case for Medical Immortality

The question of immortality has pervaded throughout every era, stumping the most provocative thinkers and innovators alike. With the industrial revolution laying the groundwork for numerous medical and technological breakthroughs, it is incumbent upon we the people to educate ourselves and think through these difficult topics. The following paper will assume medical immortality as a … Continue reading The Case for Medical Immortality

To Heaven and Back: A Biblical Perspective on Near-Death Experiences

(Context: Currently in my philosophy class we are studying near-death experiences as it relates to consciousness, death, dying, and finding meaning in life.  Since I wrote about this particularly interesting topic for my high school thesis, I found it pertinent to contribute to this timeless discussion by posting it here. Enjoy!) “Saved by the bell.” … Continue reading To Heaven and Back: A Biblical Perspective on Near-Death Experiences

Freewill, Determinism, Distraction, and God

Stemming from the previous post, bondage is an inescapable perpetuity.  We are grounded—literally and figuratively—by laws.  The Laws of Physics dictate motion in the universe in the same way humans function under an innate moral code reinforced by society, family, and conscience.  Maybe I have misspoken.  Laws are not the source of deeper knowledge but … Continue reading Freewill, Determinism, Distraction, and God

Unity in Diversity: A Trinitarian Perspective

(Note: The following video was streamed live on 21 April 2017 between Dr. James White, affirming the doctrine of the Trinity, and Bro. Joe Ventilacion, attempting to defend Unitarianism.  This is a brief logical response to the video attached.  I will leave the biblical expertise and exegesis to Dr. White.) To provide some context, … Continue reading Unity in Diversity: A Trinitarian Perspective

Time to Kill

(Warning: The following post may be offensive to some due to the nature of the topic.  This includes few profanities, brief sexual reference, and podcast spoilers.) The podcast takes place in Woodstock, Alabama.  Though sharing names with the famous—and for some, infamous—summer concert of 1969, these two towns are worlds apart.  This Woodstock bears the … Continue reading Time to Kill

Summary: “No god but God” (Reza Aslan)

According to Reza Aslan, author of No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam, there are two primary factions, or denominations, within Islam: Sunni, or orthodox, and Shi’ite. Similar to to Christianity’s Catholic and Orthodox churches, excluding the Protestants, both believe they are the true succeeding leaders of Islam after the order … Continue reading Summary: “No god but God” (Reza Aslan)

Livin’ Like Larry

Recently I read Ross Andersen's “Radical Life Extension Is Already Here, But We’re Doing It Wrong” with The Atlantic. This research is apart of my Philosophy class—thinking deeply about the ethics of life extension. We are challenging ourselves and the preconceived notion that life extension is impossible. Within the article, Andersen proposes the American outlook on … Continue reading Livin’ Like Larry

Against Anarchism

(Please refer to Stephen's "Fun with Anarchism" for further context.) The following argument shall be threefold, dividing the sub-arguments into three bite-size portions: discrimination, individualism, and compliance. Discrimination Under Mosaic law, judges and representatives (Ex. 18:19; Num. 1:44 ESV), under God’s authority exercised their power “to do justice…and to walk humbly with your God” (Mic. 6:8). … Continue reading Against Anarchism

Trump: The Typical American President

  Recently I finished listening to a Washington Post podcast entitled “Presidential”, outlining the lives of all the presidents. Lillian Cunningham, the narrator, interviewed experts, historians, biographers, fellow journalists, and curators about the personalities, characteristics, flaws, and scandalous conceptions as well as misconceptions of past Commanders-in-Chief. The episodes were quite eye opening and provided much-needed … Continue reading Trump: The Typical American President