Malcolm Gladwell is a wonderful story-teller.  He is able to communicate ideas beautifully and articulately.  He is able to simplify the most complex topics and present them from a different perspective for listeners.

At first, as told in my elementary school classes, I though revisionist history, in general, was the revising of history.  However, Gladwell offers different perspective for misunderstood instances in history.  In other words, he is revisiting history, not amending it.  For instance, though not found for the moment in his podcast, in his book David and Goliath, he offers readers the perspective of Goliath as the underdog–not David.  Keep in mind, he doesn’t assert Goliath is necessarily right or tell the viewers what to think.  Rather, he offers, again, a new perspective.

(For eager readers/listeners, you can find his brief summation of this story here.)

Gladwell covers a wide array of topics such as art, sports, war, politics, economics, music, civil rights, the American education system, and some biblical narrative.  He considers the side of the protesters marching alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as the police officers fending of unruly–or perhaps perceived unruly–rioters.  He considers the personal advisor to Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the reasons for his particular policies leading to the victory of the Axis Powers.  He incorporates philosophy into most, if not all, of his episodes with well-thought-out positions to explain the reasons why people do the things they do or don’t do.

This masterful work is worth the listen and I highly recommend it.  With that being said, you can find Revisionist History here or on Apple Podcast.


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