(I chose this picture because it was the only result in Google Images that wasn’t people of different races holding hands)

I think that we can all agree that racism has always been a problem throughout all of history.  Discrimination can go as far back as the Israelites being victims of discrimination by many other countries and tribes (although it can be argued that discrimination here was for religious purposes, regardless it is not right).  In my personal opinion, there is no good reason to be discriminatory against anyone only based on race, nationality, sexual orientation, et cetera.  It is ungodly, and immoral even from a worldy perspective.

However, dealing with racism in the US and in the world is a tricky business.  Social justice warriors cry “Equality!” Groups like BLM gather and protest for their equality with white people. However, equality is not the answer to solving racism.  

It is safe to say that racism is a form of collectivism.  A racist person would say that every person of said race is exactly the same as the rest.  Racism gathers lists of stereotypes and says that every person of that race fits in these stereotypes.  For example, a common stereotypes about Hispanics is that we are lazy (as a Hispanic I can tell you that this is definitely a misconception). The racist man would go about his daily life and assume that every Hispanic he sees is lazy.  Though some may be lazy, he is putting every Hispanic into one group and not focusing on the individual.  Of course, this is how everyone wants to be treated.  People (at least most people I know) want to be treated for who they are, and not be defined by a group someone may put them in.

This is where minority groups are getting it wrong.  Us Mexicans like to cheer, “¡Viva la raza!” which literally translates to “Long live the race!” however, it is more of a Mexican pride saying.  Having pride in your race or nationality can be fun to joke about, but let’s be realistic… Why are you proud? You did not accomplish anything.  Why do take pride in something that you had no control over?  Minority groups wish to be treated as an individual, but then turn around and take pride in their race, take pride in the group in which they wish not to be defined by society.  I see this happen too when a minority celebrity wins a major award, or something is pioneered by a minority.  A person of the same minority will be proud and casually will something along the lines of, “Yea! Way to win one for us *insert race*.”  Again, minorities putting themselves back into this group thinking.  Groups like BLM do the same thing.  They wish to be treated like individuals, but then will take pride in being black and make themselves into one group.  Minorities choosing to group themselves like this, I think, makes you even more susceptible to racism due to the fact that these people are choosing to put themselves in these groups.

It sounds like I am saying that it is the minorities fault that they are discriminated against.  That is not what I am trying to say.  People are born with evil in their hearts.  Discrimination is an evil that some people have, and it is sick.  Mainstream media loves to feed off this group mentality minorities have, and then feed it right back to them.  If you watch any mainstream news race will always show up.  Anytime some sort of crime occurs they like to mention if the victim and perpe are of different race.  This usually angers people of these races and splits each race up even more.  

If you have not noticed yet, I have italicized individual every time it is typed.  Because that truly is the key to solving this issue, individualism.  Whenever we stop grouping ourselves by race, and stop letting mainstream media group us then we can start looking at each other as individuals.  Fighting for “equality” and trying to legislate racism out is not possible.  Racism is in the heart, and you cannot legislate anything out of someone’s heart.  The trick is to have less government interference and let us as individuals treat each other the way we should.   

Peace, love, empathy,

Stephen Michael Langlais


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