Conspiracy theorists get a bad rep.  Most people seem to assume that a conspiracy theorist is some crazy prepper who believes that the government hides cameras in our cheese.  As an Anarchist and conspiracy theorist, when I am not doing my daily dairy checks, live a fairly average life. The difference being conspiracy theorists choose to question what we have been taught by authoritarian figures.  

I was not always this way.  I was once a staunch conservative.  I was told my entire life since I was a youngling that America was a Christian nation, that all Liberals are evil, and that Obama is the Antichrist.  It was not until I took a college history class when I was a junior in high school.  I had a great teacher who taught us what really happened in American history, and where I discovered Conservative hypocrisy.  It was then I began to question what I was told was right.  (Mind that I am still a Christian and DEFINITELY not a modern Liberal).

Many conspiracies are an omen of division.  One of the very first conspiracy theories was the death of president Zachary Taylor.  According to the history books, president Taylor died of cholera which he most likely obtained from eating too many bad cherries and cream at a party.  A theory is that perhaps he was poisoned.  Why?  Taylor is put in between two democratic presidents, Martin Van Buren and James K. Polk, both pro-slavery presidents while Taylor was not.  His moderate stance on slavery angered southerners, so the theory is that some decided to take action.  The assassination of JFK took place November 22, 1963.  This death made it very scary to take a Corvette ride in Dallas.  A theory being that this was not a typical assassination considering this eventually thrusted us into Vietnam. A more popularized conspiracy, 9/11, is one that most people still have a tough time talking about.  The theory being that our government made an attack on American soil in order to give the American government a reason to invade Middle Eastern countries.  (Personally, I believe the conspiracies on Taylor’s death, and 9/11).

The concepts of law, hierarchy, and authority were created by the people seeking a more just and safe environment.  Our ancestors forever have come up with ways to become more productive as a human race.  One thing society chose was power and law.  A group of people to make sure our society does not enter into chaos, but of course this could become very corrupt.  Those now having authority and power could now exploit the ideals of the society.  Throughout history we can see where dictators and oligarchies have attempted to take all the power from the people of the society.  Usually this led to rebellion and revolution of the people, so governments have had to learn to convince the society that the people are free by convincing them of a false definition of liberty versus security.

It is good to remember that questioning authority does not mean breaking it down (although I think we should). It means recognizing it’s problems and rectifying them in any ways possible.  

Peace, love, empathy,

Stephen Michael Langlais   


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