AMCs The Walking Dead, which was originally a successful graphic novel series, is now one of America’s biggest television series of today. Since 2010, the series has come to have about 17 million viewers. What makes this show so incredible is it is not just about people killing zombies, it is about the evil in people’s hearts. In this article I will discuss the depravity of humanity and its effect throughout political institutions.

If you do not watch The Walking Dead here is a short synopsis… A virus has broken out that causes people to come back to life once dead, except they hunger for human flesh (also called Walkers). A small group bands in an attempt to survive together and run into multiple conflicts along the way, the common conflict being they always seem to run into more problems with the living rather than the dead.

Season 7 has just begun and our protagonists are in yet another run-in with another group who call themselves The Saviors. The Saviors, being a much bigger group than our friends, require these smaller groups they take over to give a portion of what they can find to The Saviors. The crazy thing about The Saviors is that they are not just another gang, they are an establishment, with a set of rules and regulations run by a dictatorial figure, Negan. This group of hundreds are all under the command of one man. In the most recent episode we even see when Negan appears before a large group of the members, who all take a knee in submissiveness before Negan. In the show we can see how these members truly do fear Negan and his unpredictability. Most viewers I have talked to will say something like, “Their are so many of them, they could easily take on Negan. Why aren’t they fighting back?” But the real question is, why are we doing the same thing?


One problem being complacency. Whether it be arrogance, or just true apathy, the People prefer not to know the truth. People will claim that politics doesn’t apply to them, of course this can only remain true for a short time. The reality is people are happy not knowing what actual bad there is. Like children, the People would prefer to pretend that there is no problem with big government, or really like it is not there.

The second problem is ignorance. I believe complacency is the foundation of ignorance. Our government has convinced the People that they have the power. What people forget is that government was originally intended to work for the People, to protect our freedoms. (Do not get that confused with providing our freedoms). The government has convinced the people, especially the youth, it is truly looking out for us and our best interests. Reading articles and doing some research into history is an easy way to overcome our ignorance problem.

“Therefore my people will go into exile for lack of understanding; those of high rank will die of hunger and the common people will be parched with thirst.” Isaiah 5:13 (NIV)

The last problem being fear. Fear is only natural. Government tries to make themselves appear as powerful and scary as possible, so that we the People are afraid to fight back for our freedoms. I have even heard some say, “If the government legislates it then we don’t really have a choice.” This is exactly the kind of attitude our government wants us to have. They convince us that People have a say by holding elections, but then when tyrannical laws are passed the People decide that we no longer have a say. Our government is representative of the American spirit. If the American spirit is lethargic, complacent, anti-accountability, anti-responsibility, then it should be no surprise the government functions as such.

Let us become aware of our surroundings. Let us read and research. Let us overcome our fear of what really isn’t there. The only change that can come is from us, the People. There can only be as much change as we are willing to fight for it. Negan steals a portion of what everyone owns yet convinces his own people that they do this to provide security. Now replace “Negan” with “government” and tell me the difference.

Peace, Love, Empathy,

Stephen Michael Langlais


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